Edward Lucas


I am a co-organiser (with Daniel Kordik) of the Earshots label and concert series for improvised music and field recording works. We have a regular trombone and synthesiser duo, where our shared interest lead to the beginning of Earshots.

With the trombone I have adopted the approach that improvisation is the most fundamental and direct way to approach a musical instrument, or any sound making device. The trombone has a long history with both conventional and unconventional sounds: jazz, symphonic, cuivre.

I have collaborated with many musicians, to name a few recent and regular groupings:

Kordik Lucas duo
Trio with Tom Wheatley & James O’Sullivan
Duo with Daniel Thompson
Duo with Francesco Costa

I regularly play with many other musicians in the London improvised music scene. Click here for a list of upcoming and past concerts.


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